The Nazi Elite

This volume addresses critical issues concerning 22 prominent figures in the Nazi Party and the NS regime, including their social origins, their experiences in World War I, how they came to join the Nazi Party, the role played by ideology in motivating them, their relationship with Hitler and with other NS leaders, and their historical importance for the NSDAP and the NS regime. These profiles reflect the most recent research findings, and contain up-to-date bibliographies. They also shed light on some interpretive controversies, including the question of the role of modernization during the Third Reich and Hitler's role as dictator. Other works by Ronald Smelser include The Sudeten Problem 1933-1938 and Robert Ley: Hitler's Labor Front Leader . Rainer Zitelmann has also written Hitler, Selbstverstaendnis eines Rovolutionaers and Adolf Hitler: Eine Politische Biographie .