The Modern Cynic: To Be Or Not to Be

That "...all human behavior is motivated entirely by self- interest..." is the fundamental precept of THE MODERN CYNIC. This precept obviates the need to address such controversial dualities as good & evil, right & wrong, optimism & pessimism - concepts that are often associated with cynicism. Therefore, the cynical observer is forced to evaluate & interpret our society & culture as a product of the dynamic interactions of the self-interests of every member of society including the self-interest of the observer. Inevitably, dominant self-interests of certain factions of our society create institutions that are often lamentable or maybe even humorous, at times strange or illogical, frequently unpredictable & occasionally indefensible. The author, in the framework of his own set of experiences & biases, gives his individual impressions of the fruits of intermingled self-interests. He uses satirical renditions in free verse as a suitable format because it facilitates the development of images & thoughts concisely & without the rigidity of other forms. Some topics considered are: Politicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, music, morality, our calendar, prestige & image, the military & the media.