The Maritime Laws of the Arabian Gulf Cooperation Council States: Volume II

The past ten years have seen rapid growth in the economic and maritime importance of the Arabian GCC states and an equally rapid modernisation of their domestic laws. Nevertheless, much of the maritime law and procedure in the region remains unknows or misunderstood both outside and even inside the region. Since the region is likely to remain significant in terms of maritime commerce, a better understanding of the law and regulations is required. The Maritime Laws of Arabian Gulf Cooperation States is intended as a guide not only for lawyers concerned with maritime law in the Gulf region, but also for all sectors of the shipping community with an involvement in the region. After a brief description of the historical maritime and legal background, Volume I discusses in detail the operation and application of GCC maritime law. The major areas are analysed and placed in the context of the accepted regime of international maritime law. The author finally draws some important general conclusions and looks to the future of maritime law in the Gulf - including the movement for the unification of the laws of the GCC. Volume II of the work contains translations of the major GCC maritime legislation as well as tables if International Conventions that have been ratified by the GCC States.