The Manager's Coaching Toolkit: Fast and Simple Solutions for Busy Managers

Managers are now busier than ever. They do not have time to read books or attend training courses, even though the need to develop coaching skills has never been higher -- 10% of the management books sold in the UK last year, were to help managers coach. There has not yet been a coaching book that is highly practical and immediately applicable on the job and which covers a range of common managerial situations. Almost all require a major investment of time before results are seen. None provide extensive sample dialogues for the reader to quickly grasp how the skills will sound in practice. Any manager will be able to start coaching within 15 minutes of opening this book. I believe a coaching book should be highly pragmatic. This book will offer the manager a number of models that can be quickly and easily applied to several common work and employee situations such as performance reviews, setting direction and goals, learning from mistakes and giving feedback. The manager will be able to quickly acquire the relevant knowledge for a given situation with a suitable coaching model and put this into practice with the minimum of reading time. The style is casual and entertaining. Unlike other titles, this book is based upon situations that every manager or leader will regularly encounter. Each chapter will cover a common scenario (e.g. giving feedback) and will offer a useful tool to guide the manager through the discussion.