The Magic Statue

What do you do when your garden statue comes alive and goes on the rampage? That's the challenge facing two teenagers, Scott and Brandon, when they're left alone in an island cottage during their half-term holiday. Scott Buchanan is English; Brandon Donnelly, American. They're best friends. But their friendship is tested to the limit and their holiday plans thrown into chaos when a magic statue bursts into their lives. The statue, who's called Alexander, comes from Ancient Greece. Alexander finds it difficult to adjust to the modern world. Everywhere he goes he brings bad luck. What should have been a fun holiday turns into a nightmare and a battle for survival as Alexander blunders and stirs up trouble. To make matters worse Scott and Brandon find themselves fighting a gang of school bullies. They also have to complete a holiday task set by their history teacher, or they're in trouble. And all the time Scott's guardian Uncle Henry, who's away on business, keeps phoning and nagging them to get on with their homework. How can the teenagers cope with the pressure and solve all their problems?