Magic of Angels: How to Recognise and Harness Your Own Angelic Powers

Paperback / softback
Angels: they're pretty much a fashion item these days. It seems that everywhere you look there are sky-gazing cherubs, cute little angel dolls with glittery wings, angels on t-shirts, shopping bags, bumper stickers. You can apparently find an angel to help you with anthing you like, from fixing your bike to finding the perfect partner. We're told that they can help with filling out a tax return or choosing a hairstyle. 'Angelology' has become very big business. But why should this be? Taking the premise that there's no smoke without fire, The Magic of Angels seeks to discover the truth about Angels and Angelic energies, to strip away the veneer of popular misconceptions about these powerful forces, and to discover how we can all bring the true magic of Angels into our lives.