The Live-Long Code

Paperback / softback
The Live-Long Code reveals health expert Dermot O'Connor's proven programme to significantly improve vitality and increase your lifespan. Dermot, the bestselling author of The Healing Code, developed his unique medical approach after he was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of MS ten years ago. Rather than accepting a dire prognosis, he set about healing himself, which lead him to the study of many aspects of both Eastern and Western medicine - nutrition, the Mind/Body connection, acupuncture, herbal medicine and ultimately led to the development of his unique system of healing. Ten years on, Dermot is in full health and he has helped thousands of his clients recover and improve their health at his clinics in both Dublin and London. In The Live-Long Code, he combines established and cutting-edge methods from Western medical science with powerful time-proven health approaches from the East, to show how to: * extend and develop good health as you grow older * turn back the hands of time and improve physical appearance * eradicate stress and enhance emotional health * achieve optimum nutrition * rebalance hormone levels naturally * fortify immunity and develop good physical fitness. * prevent and overcome a variety of degenerative diseases The Live-Long Code is the book for every man and woman who wishes to look good, feel good and live longer!