The Literature of Fact: Selected Papers from the English Institute

Science Matters is a programme for the Senior Phase of Curriculum 2005. This series enables educators to implement the Natural Sciences Learning Area in a challenging and learner-centred manner. There is a Learner's Book and a Teacher's Guide for each grade. The Grade 7 Learner's Book: is learner-centred and activity-based focuses on the development of skills encourages learners to think scientifically guides learners to produce a record of their work can be successful with limited resources provides opportunities for consolidation after each module The Grade 7 Teacher's Guide introduces educators to Curriculum 2005 and its terminology, materials and needs helps educators to creatively develop skills through activities, including extension activities and assessment opportunities includes photocopiable resources and worksheets and answers to questions in the Learner's Book supports the teacher with background information guides the educator in implementing continuous assessment