The Lie

A devoted mother, soon-to-be divorced wife, and the attractive lover of an American television correspondent, Dahlia Barr is a brash and successful Israeli attorney famous for defending Palestinians accused of terrorism. One day, to her great surprise, the national police approach Dahlia with a proposition: Join us, and become the government's primary arbiter for when the use of harsh interrogation methods on prisoners - some would say torture - may be allowed. Dahlia has no intention of permitting the police to use this weapon of last resort. Then, one horrible day, Dahlia's son Ari, a 20-year old lieutenant in the Israel Defense Forces, is kidnapped by Hezbollah terrorists, taken to a secret location, and tortured. And the one man who may hold the key to Ari's rescue is an old acquaintance of Dahlia's, currently locked in an Israeli jail. A thrilling story, pulsing with insight into the inner-workings of the human heart, The Lie is the unforgettable story of human beings on both sides of the terror equation whose lives turn out to share more than enmity.