The Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase: Institutional Licence

The Leiden Armenian Lexical Textbase combines lexical and textual material in a new tool for the study of classical Armenian. It includes the three principal dictionaries for classical Armenian, the major Armenian texts from the fifth to the ninth centuries, and resources for comparison of Greek and Armenian. All texts and dictionary materials have been fully lexically analysed, with complex XML markup enabling highly-structured searching and presentation. JOS WEITENBERG is professor of Armenian at the University of Leiden. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: CD-ROM runs identically on PC Windows and Macintosh systems, using either Netscape or Internet Explorer 4.0 and higher. The following equipment is recommended: PC: 486 or later / Windows 95+ / 32Mb RAM / double-speed CD-ROM drive. MACINTOSH: System 7.6.1 or later / 64Mb of RAM / double-speed CD-ROM drive. Apart from an internet browser, all necessary search software and fonts are provided on the CD-ROM. Institutional licence: you may mount this publication on a single networked installation with no more than twenty computers connected to it, and you may make one copy of the data on a hard disc. No other copies of the data on this CD-ROM may be made. You may lend this CD-ROM to members of the institutions, who may project images from this CD for instructional use.