The Legendary Tales and Historical Truths of the Most Notorious Warriors

In this volume the author not only investigates the stories behind the great myths and legends of each character, but places each in context to the extent that we are able to distinguish the true elements from pure fable, can learn about his life and times and exploits, and truly place the hero/villain within his world, using the weapons and battle tactics of the day. Deeply researched, with illustrations from diverse sources, and written in a style that will suit historians as well as the newcomer to the subject, this captivating volume will educate and inform but will principally enthuse; the reader will surely be encouraged to begin, or continue, the search for the great personalities of historical myth and reality. The book contains dedicated chapters on the following warriors : King Arthur Dracula Achilles Beowulf Robin Hood Macbeth Hiawatha Roland Cuchulain William Wallace