The Law and Practice of Piracy at Sea: European and International Perspectives

This collection of essays provides a comprehensive assessment of the legal and policy approaches to maritime counter-piracy adopted by the EU and other international actors ver the last few years. This book adopts a holistic approach to the topic, examining approaches to piracy as these emerge in different geographical areas, as well as tackling the central issues which counter-piracy raises in terms of the most topical aspects of international law (international humanitarian law and armed conflict, piracy and terrorism, use of force). It also focuses on the approach of the EU, placing counter-piracy in its broader legal context. Providing a detailed doctrinal exploration of the issues which counter-piracy raises, and discussing policy alternatives, it emphasises and draws upon the insights of the practice of counter-piracy by bringing together academic lawyers and legal advisers of the main actors in the area (EU, US, NATO, UK, Germany). As the migration crisis in the Southern Central Mediterranean is unfolding, and the EU designs its policy for the disruption of the business model of human smuggling and trafficking networks, the book offers an excellent analysis on the practices of the international community for the disruption of the business model of Somali piracy. The book will be of interest to legal scholars, political scientists and international relations theorists, as well as policy makers and students of law, politics and international relations.