The Laughing Jesus

What if the Old Testament is a work of fiction, Jesus never existed and Muhammad was a mobster? What if the Bible and Qur'an are works of political propaganda created by Taliban-like fundamentalists to justify the sort of religious violence we are witnessing in the world today? What if there is a big idea which could free us from the us-versus-them world created by religion and make it possible for us to truly love our neighbours, and indeed our enemies, as our self? What if it is possible to awaken to a profound state of oneness and love, which the Gnostic Christians symbolised by the enigmatic figure of the laughing Jesus? Religiously inspired acts of violence, such as the attacks of 9/11, are nothing new. They are the continuation of a long and bloody history of divinely sanctioned brutality, caused by mistaking bizarre old books for the Word of God. The time has come to end religious intolerance and to wake up to oneness, by rediscovering the Gnostic way of transforming oneself and the world. Here, discover for yourself why the Gnostic Jesus laughs.