Large N Expansion In Quantum Field Theory And Statistical Physics, The: From Spin Systems To 2-dimensional Gravity

This book contains an edited comprehensive collection of reprints on the subject of the large N limit as applied to a wide spectrum of problems in quantum field theory and statistical mechanics. The topics include (1) Spin Systems; (2) Large N Limit of Gauge Theories; (3) Two-Dimensional QCD; (4) Exact Results on Planar Perturbation Series and the Nature of the 1/N Series; (5) Schwinger-Dyson Equations Approach; (6) QCD Phenomenological Lagrangians and the Large N Limit; (7) Other Approaches to Large N: Eguchi-Kawai Model, Collective Fields and Numerical Methods; (8) Matrix Models; (9) Two-Dimensional Gravity and String Theory.