The Lance Thrower

In the last book in this series, readers witnessed the young Arthur Pendragon pull the sword from the stone and begin his Journey to greatness. Now comes the tale itself - how the most shining court in history was made. Clothar is a young man of promise. He has been sent from the wreckage of Gaul to one of the few schools where logic and rhetoric are taught along with battle techniques, and is sent by his mentor on a journey to aid another young man: Arthur Pendragon. Arthur wants to replace barbarism with law and to keep those who work only for destruction at bay. He is seen as the last great hope for all that is good. Together, Clothar and Arthur build a dream too perfect to last - and with a special woman, they share a love that will nearly destroy them all. The name of Clothar may be unknown to modern readers, for tales change through the centuries. Hundreds of years later, chronicles call Clothar, the Lance Thrower, by a much more common name: Lancelot.