The Kinmaran Chronicles I.ii - The Adventures of Brackenbelly: Two's Company

An action-packed and thought provoking fantasy series for 8-12 year olds. The Adventure continues! Brackenbelly's life changed forever the day he met Isomee Hogg-Bottom, he just didn't know it yet. Leaving Hogg-Bottom farm, and Isomee, far behind, Brackenbelly takes a short cut through a large forest. He soon discovers it's riddled with mysterious dragon ducts and that there are many dangers lurking in the trees. To make matters worse, something is following him, but who, or what is it and what does it want? It doesn't take long for Brackenbelly to realise it's none other than Isomee Hogg-Bottom, who's run away from home, but the danger's only just beginning for them both. Isomee's trapped down one of the dangerous dragon ducts and something equally dangerous wants to stop Brackenbelly from rescuing her. Will Brackenbelly succeed? And even if he does, will the pair escape the other dangers of the forest unharmed?