The Interpreter

Paperback / softback
IT ALL STARTED WITH HER VOICE. NOT HER WORDS, BECAUSE THEY WERE NOT HERS. . . SO IT BEGAN NOT WITH WHAT SHE SAID OR HOW SHE SAID IT, BUT WITH SOME QUITE INTANGIBLE QUALITY IN HER VOICE. The interpreter is Dominique, a genius with language, who despite her professional brilliance has not yet found her own voice; a childhood spent in anguish, caught in her parents' verbal crossfire, has served to perfect her skills as mediator. Working at a top medical conference in Manhattan, she overhears a whispered conversation about the suppression of an AIDS breakthrough. The interpreter's mantra rings in her ears- 'Confidentiality. Your voiw is a solemn as the Hippocratic Oath. As sacred as a nun's marriage to Jesus. But Dominique's best friend Mischa is HIV positive. When she meets Nicholas Manzini, an Italian docotr, through the glass of the interpreter's booth and begins a passionate love affair, Dominique slowly begins to discover her own voice. But her dilemma remains - and will ultimately test both her strength of character and the depth of her love for Nicholas.