The Internet Society: Advances in Education, Commerce and Governance: v. 2

The continued growth of Internet-based technologies and the increasing emergence of mobile and wireless high-speed access dramatically affects the ways in which we work, learn, communicate, play and even govern our society. The constant availability of information and communication changes our views of our self and the social rules that govern our world. We no longer have clear demarcations of work and home or of school and recreation. These key issues and their current evolution are reflected within this book which contains contributions from all over the world, covering a whole range of social and human perspectives that are associated with these new and emerging technologies. Bringing together papers from the Second International Conference on Advances in Education, Commerce & Governance, this book will be of value both to newcomers to this area and also to established authorities as a summary of the current state of this important and growing domain. Specifically the book addresses a wide range of topics as diverse as: E-Commerce and E-Governance; data and information privacy; psychology; gender; culture and new learning.