The International Ombudsman Anthology: Selected Writings from the International Ombudsman Institute

This anthology brings together a selection of writings by ombudsman experts that explore various aspects of the contemporary public sector ombudsman. Originally published in International Ombudsman Institute publications, these articles illustrate the diversity of ombudsman offices around the world and underscore the elements and issues that are important to all ombudsman institutions. From its Scandinavian roots, the ombudsman model has been established worldwide and at all levels of government as a mechanism to monitor and improve government administration. The model has seen renewed interest in the past decade in democratizing countries which are reforming their governmental institutions, such as in Latin America, Central and East Europe, Africa and the Asia Pacific region. This anthology explores the essential elements of the public sector ombudsman and the emerging mandates of the ombudsman institution both in established and consolidating democracies. In particular, the role of the ombudsman in human rights protection is scrutinized from a variety of perspectives. The anthology also includes critical analyses of the extent of the jurisdiction of the public sector ombudsman, focusing on matters such as the relationship of the ombudsman with administrative tribunals and the courts. Issues surrounding the ombudsman process of investigation, recommendation and reporting are highlighted - such as administrative fairness in the ombudsman process, special investigations, public education about the office and media relations.