The Integration of International Capital Markets: Theory and Empirical Evidence

The integration of international capital markets, propelled by the information technology revolution and the creation of a variety of new financial instruments, is central to the major economic changes taking place throughout the world. This key issue in global finance is theoretically and empirically addressed in this major new book. Haluk Akdogan's innovative study uses asset pricing theories to test the status of international capital market integration. This book differs fundamentally from other studies of integration in two respects. First, it is based entirely upon financial theory rather than the pure theory of international trade, and second, it develops several different empirical models of capital market integration. These models are empirically tested using the modern capital asset pricing approach and drawing on data taken from 26 stock markets all over the world. Addressing an issue of great public and scholarly interest, The Integration of International Capital Markets will be welcomed as a comprehensive and authoritative financial-theoretical examination of capital market integration. Advanced students and academic researchers in international trade, international economics and finance, as well as international portfolio managers and finance professionals, will find much here to stimulate and interest them.