The Integration and Management of Traumatized People After Terrorist Attacks

This book brings together papers from academics and experts to develop a concept on the treatment of traumas and depression caused by terrorist attacks and the integration of the victims into society. Even though the topic is closely related to psychology, at the same time it has strong links with social and economic matters. Therefore, the psychological impact of trauma together with sociological and economic impacts are analyzed and reflected in this book. This publication deals with overcoming the harmful effects of trauma caused by terrorist attacks and sustaining the integration of traumatized people into society. The book has four main parts: general framework; psychological impacts; sociological impacts; and economic impacts. In the first part, Dr. Suat Begec explains how to prevent the causes of terrorism and to decrease the impact of terrorism and also the rights of terror victims which are provided by Turkish Army. In the following section about psychological impacts, eleven papers are included. Readers will find three papers in the part of sociological impacts, including one by Dr. James Forest on the findings of several studies on the economic and psychological impact of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, DC. Lastly, two contributions are included dealing with economic impacts of trauma. This book focuses on how to deal with the impact of terrorism. The aim of the editors is to provide an international guide to facilitate the integration of terror victims into society and the book is beneficial for academicians, government officials and anyone who have studies in this area.