The Innocents

Set in 1930's Dublin - Mary O'Malley marries David O'Connell, a Protestant. Both, innocent of the facts of life, regard their marriage on a brother and sister relationship. Mrs. O'Malley, a Catholic, desparate for grandchildren, confronts her daughter only to be rebuked. They take on a lodger, Kevin, David's lifelong friend of whom Mrs O'Malley disapproves. Unable to pursue his marital duties, David, to please his mother-in-law by satisfying her want for a grandchild, approaches Kevin to perform the act for him. Mary approves and invites Kevin (to save face) only when she is in one of her deep sleeps. However, Kevin, feeling guilty, calls on a work mate, Randy, a devout catholic, to do the deed for him. Mary, to her mother's great pleasure, produced two boy twins and through a nosy neighbour discovers the rightful father. Randy, being a catholic, she approves - and David and Kevin find relief in each others company and are quite happy to become loving uncles. The novel, high comedy with many intriguing characters and by plots, makes for entertaining reading.