The Indus Valley

History Detective Investigates: The Indus Valley is a hands-on, investigative approach to history. Learn all about The Indus Valley, its people and the story of a civilization that goes back some 5,000 years. The Indus Valley was one of the first and biggest civilizations. It settled between modern Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and China. There were more than 1,400 towns and cities that made up The Indus Valley. The Indus people carved figures in clay, which tell us about their lives. We see the clothes they wore and the fact that they liked to dance. They also used terracotta to make pots, dishes and cups and they made lots of jewellery such as beaded necklaces, earrings and brooches. Contains maps, paintings, artefacts and photographs to show how the Indus people lived. Ideally suited for readers age 8+ or teachers who are looking for books to support the new curriculum for 2014. If you enjoy reading about the Indus Valley then take a look at Stone Age to Iron Age, The Mayan Civilization, The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China and Early Islamic Civilizations.