The Impact of Enforcement on Street Users in England

Concerns have mounted in recent years about the 'problematic street culture' sometimes associated with rough sleeping, especially begging and street drinking. There has been a significant shift towards enforcement interventions aimed at the 'street users' involved in these activities. This report evaluates the impact of these enforcement interventions on the welfare of street users in England. Drawing on evidence from five in-depth case studies, it provides the first research-based exploration of the range of enforcement interventions currently undertaken to address 'street culture'; the circumstances associated with positive and negative outcomes of enforcement action for street users; the extent to which enforcement action is linked to supportive interventions; the impact of enforcement measures on other stakeholders in the local community, and in particular residents and businesses. The report is aimed at policy-makers, practitioners and students in the fields of homelessness, anti-social behaviour and social exclusion. It provides detailed evidence on the impact of enforcement measures on street users, and explores the circumstances and approaches most likely to bring about positive or negative outcomes.