The Immigration Reader: America in a Multidisciplinary Perspective

The Immigration Reader offers a unique, multidisciplinary perspective on immigration to the United States. In this comprehensive selection of readings by the most important scholars working on immigration studies, the history, contemporary issues, economy, comparative cross-national and political debates are put into perspective.Included in this collection are selections by Borjas, Massey, Daniels, Portes, Sassen, Fukuyama and Light. By providing contributions from scholars in sociology, law, political science, history, geography and public policy this volume will interest a variety of students, scholars and researchers in the social sciences. These combined readings on immigration shed light on the role of the immigrant in American society and how the immigrant experience shaped the American identity. In addition, it puts in historical perspective the current debates in government on immigration policy, welfare, the role of citizenship and human rights in this highly volatile period of American history where the role of the immigrant is in question.