The House of Mirth

Drama Characters: 5 male, 5 female Unit set. Based on the classic story that helped to establish Edith Wharton as the first great American woman novelist, this moving play vividly brings to the stage Lily Bart's flamboyant progress through the glorious whirl of New York's high society, circa 1905, and her tragic fall. The satirical love story is staged as a series of flashbacks over her coffin. Faithful to Edith Wharton's distinct style of dialogue, this dramatic version opened to acclaim in London. "Elegant ... series of precisely staged and evocative dramatic tableaux." Guardian. "Deep, dark and powerful ... [with] dramatic and tragic impact." The News. "There's actually not much mirth in this haunting, powerful play but there is desire, greed and tragedy to match all the greatest love stories.... A winner." Southern Daily Echo.