The Home Stretch: How to Make,and Keep, a Beautiful Home Despite Cheap Spouses, Messy Kids, and Other Difficult Roommates

From one of the most widely read home-improvement gurus, a funny, witty story about the evolution of a house and a family, filled with practical tips for those looking to make the most of the space they have. A murky, muddy line separates home life from home design - sometimes literally. But where the two domains collide is precisely the territory Marni Jameson mines in her new book, I Want My Living Room Back! In her first book, Jameson took readers on a journey through building and setting up her new home. Now she takes us inside to explore home life as it really is - not as it's depicted in a Hallmark special - and offers plenty of comic relief along with a lifeline of useful, sanity-saving tips. Everyone knows the feeling of 'a house out of control'. The cupboards haven't been organized in two years. The linen closet is stuffed with towels that don't match. The baby's toys have transformed your once elegant living room into a nursery. And your tidy family room might as well add rides and charge a small fee to the neighbors' children. But that's called living, right? Wrong! Marni is here to show you that you can create calm out of chaos, heaven from havoc, and beauty on a budget. In other words, restore your home to its rightful house. Chapters include: 'Living with Slobs' (covering indestructible flooring; family friendly fabrics, slipcovers as divine intervention, and tips for how to decorate in spite of 'them'); 'Gender Wars' (Why is it that men want rain gutters when women want drapes? Why don't men see the toast crumbs or the open closet doors? There are reasons for this); 'Kids are Great - They Only Dismantle Your Home One Piece at a Time' (How to accommodate a growing family in a non-growing house and co-decorate so both you and your kids can live with the results); 'It's All Under Control!' (tips for organizing the kitchen, home office, basement playroom, etc.); and 'The Stuff of Life' (How to pick sheets, towels, pillows, dishes, the stuff that every house needs, right the first time; so you have quality, not clutter).