The History of Marketing Thought

This new major work by Sage performs the vital task of collecting together those articles that have examined the history of marketing thought. It includes not only the seminal articles in the field but also those that have been forgotten, neglected and elided from the history of marketing as it has been represented to date. Part I provides an overview of the development of marketing thought using a range of key publications that cover the history of marketing thought until present day. Part II introduces historical figures that have played an important role in developing marketing thought. Part III places the development of marketing thought in its historical context by connecting the changing industrial climate of the late nineteenth century, with the emerging conceptual foundations of marketing thought. This major work, compiled by well-reputed researchers in the field, will ensure that material published in difficult to obtain sources is kept in circulation as well as providing academics and students with a resource that will endow them with an in-depth understanding of the development of their discipline.