The Highbury Boys

It is the year of 1947. A small group of boys aged 12-15 years are looking forward to the coming Easter holiday. WW2 is still fresh in the minds of everyone. Money is scarce, and virtually everything is still rationed. They live in a working class area of London, and although most people are honest and hard working, there are criminal elements, and many dangers that the street-wise lads learn to avoid. The previous year they had experienced an adventurous holiday in the country. Their return, and further life threatening adventure is the story that follows. Born in North London in 1931, Bernard has led a varied and challenging life. After completing his National Service in the RAF, he worked for forty years in the ophthalmic industry, during which he set up his own business. Married with three children and three step-children, he now lives in Hertfordshire. After his retirement in 1996, his vivid memories of his experiences as a child during World War II and the hard times in the immediate post-war years inspired him to write about those days. He has had his memoirs as an evacuee published, and also many of his local history articles have appeared in provincial newspapers.