The Hidden Principalship: A Practical Handbook for New and Experienced Principals

The Hidden Principalship is a straightforward, practical handbook for principals in the job or for professors to use as a guide for principal instructional programming. Becoming a principal is similar to purchasing a house. It is an investment. A HUGE investment! Consider this book as your inspection of the principalship. As others are admiring the paint colors, this text examines the foundation. This book reviews issues of power, change and culture, but unlike the traditional ways that these and other topics may have been previously presented to you. This text will expose the cracks in the foundation so you can see them and decide how you will handle them. (And at a lower price than any home inspection ever cost). This text looks to discover thinking patterns that underlay the work and then provide a clear, practical approach for not only the issue at hand, but the great thinker behind the issue. In addition, the text also lends itself to college classrooms, as it has case studies for each chapter, which are meant to kindle conversation surrounding the topic. Furthermore, the sections Try It and Don't Try It give further testimony to the practical application of the information. This book has a practical approach to leadership theory. Each chapter has a Practical Advice section which provides solid guidance for future use.