The Heart of Parenting: Raising an Emotionally Inteligent Child

Audio cassette
Based on twenty years of research at the University of Washington studying parent-child interactions, award-winning research psychologist John Gottman and his team have developed Emotion Coaching -- a technique that parents can use to teach their children self-awareness and self-control, and to foster good emotional development. This proven technique has demonstrated a positive effect on children's physical health, academic achievement and emotional well-being. Among the issues this program explores: * Emotion Coaching: the key to raising emotionally intelligent kids* How to assess your parenting style* Key steps and strategies for Emotion Coaching* The effects of marriage and divorce on your child's emotional health* The crucial role of fathers in families Dr. Gottman's research has shown that children who learn to master their emotions have more self-confidence, do better in school, and have a better chance of living happy, emotionally healthy lives. Filled with practical and common-sense advice on how to become an Emotion Coaching parent, this is a how-to guide for parents interested in helping their children grow into emotionally intelligent people.