The Guitarist's Guide to Line 6 Studio Tools

Whether you're new to Line 6 gear or have been making music with it for years, you'll find a wealth of detailed, practical how-to help in THE GUITARIST'S GUIDE TO LINE 6 STUDIO TOOLS. Written by a guitar player for guitar players, this comprehensive book is the best way to learn about the wide range of innovative hardware and software created by this pioneering company--and how to put it all to use in the studio. Chris Buono, veteran guitarist and teacher, covers the gamut of Line 6 products that will make your studio life easier, more creative, and more fun. In this thorough guide, you'll cover: The popular Line 6 Spider amps including Spider IV 15, Spider Jam, and Spider IV 75; The iconic Line 6 POD series of amp-modeling devices, including the latest HD series; How to remotely control Spider amps and POD HD units with FBV controllers; How to set up, connect, and record with your Line 6 gear in the studio, including POD Studio interfaces and the celebrated POD Farm amp/effects modeling application; Content-packed resources such as CustomTone and Spider Online; All there is to know about Line 6 file formats, their cross-compatibility, and insight on their entire modeling catalog; and Thorough breakdowns of legacy products, their model lists, and how you can best use them in your studio today. The Line 6 product line is vast, and THE GUITARIST'S GUIDE TO LINE 6 STUDIO TOOLS is here to help. With its detailed images and insightful tutorials, it will help you get your hands around the possibilities and get in on all the excitement of making great music with Line 6.