The Great Feminist Denial

Paperback / softback
Feminism, if not dead, is at least seriously ill. It is now common to hear women declare themselves 'Not Feminists', whereas in the 1970s it was taken as given that any thinking woman would be proud to wear that label.What the hell happened?In The Great Feminist Denial , the authors talk with women - feminists and non-feminists, young and old, famous and not famous, child-free and with child - and use their responses as a starting point from which to refocus the key debates.Dux and Simic argue that, ultimately, feminism is still necessary for everyday life. Even the most cursory glimpse at the social and cultural landscape suggests an urgent need for a politics that identifies inequalities, differences and strengths specific to women as a sex.The Great Feminist Denial puts an ailing feminist past to rest, and proposes a way forward that offers young women of today a new way of calling themselves feminists.