The Great Crash Ahead: Strategies for a World Turned Upside Down

Harry S. Dent forecasts that the economic collapse will become worldwide over the next few years. In addition to offering prescriptions for the current crisis, Dent scrutinises some of the most dearly held assumptions of economic theory and practice. With incisive critical analysis and historical examples, Dent reveals how such beliefs - the prevalence of a rational market or of the rational consumer - led to the formation of the great bubble that burst so spectacularly in the crash of 2008. Now we face the reality that the US government's attempts to bolster and rejuvenate the economy have not worked. Dent's investment advice offers no magical solutions or promises for profits in what he calls this wintry economic season; instead, he shows readers how they can survive during this challenging period so that they can thrive when the economy slowly returns to normal.