The Great Country Houses of Hungary

Baroque castles and rococo villas dot HungaryGCOs countryside and stand as testaments to the wealth and power of this regionGCOs aristocracy. Lord Pratt reveals the histories and treasures of these structures, many of which were inaccessible to the West until this past decade. Setting his discussion of the houses and their patrons against the backdrop of HungaryGCOs history, Pratt illuminates the manner in which diverse political and cultural influences have molded the architecture of this countryGCOs most illustrious homes. For instance, he recounts how the castle S+irv+ir evolved from a wooden, fourteenth-century fortress to a splendid piece of Renaissance architecture under the noble N+idasdyGCOs family guidance. In a new, final chapter, Pratt laments the demise of the great home F+|t while praising the skillful restoration of Sereg+--lyes.