The Grappler's Manifesto: The Guide to Strangling, Torquing, and Bludgeoning Your Way to Victory in the Cage

Far removed from other forms of combat, grappling is the one-on-one embodiment of a physical altercation. Face-to-face, only the grittiest fighter with the strongest fortitude dares to call himself a grappler. The Grappler's Manifesto is the definitive instructional guide to this most brutal of all fighting styles. A grappler chooses not to avoid his opponent, or swiftly dispatch him at a distance, but charges headlong into his adversary, grinding him down until he collapses. The grappler prevails in close-quarter fights because of his indomitable spirit and unflinching willpower. To become a true grappler requires technical acumen, but also the conviction to transform into a dispassionate warrior who simply keeps moving forward until the opponent yields. Calling upon the experience of the most methodical, ruthless, stoic fighters of our generation, The Grappler's Manifesto uses step-by-step color photographs and revealing narrative to illustrate exactly how the pros are able to flail their opponents on the mat and triumph over them in hand-to-hand combat. If you've ever wanted to know how to destroy an opponents' willpower and force him to surrender, you need this book.