The Grammar of Documentary Editing: Art, Technique and Visual Narrative

Mixed media product
The Grammar of Documentary Editing discusses in depth how an editor approaches a wide range of documentary styles, detailing how many hours of rushes become a concise, coherent, dynamic and engaging story. This unique masterclass in editing is taught by an editor of award-winning documentaries and includes extensive interviews with directors and other industry professionals with whom he has worked closely. A complete course in the art of documentary editing, Steve Stevenson brings to life the visual language of film - the grammar of editing. With video examples included on a DVD the following craft skills are explored: telling a story - shaping your material into a narrative arc; finding the appropriate cutting style; texture, pace and dynamics; emotional effect, layering sound and music; ethics and artiface. Interviews include: Directors: Henry Singer (Last Orders, 9/11: The Falling Man, Planet 12), Srik Narayanan (What We Still Don't Know, Human Zoo), Graham Johnston (Extreme Pilgrim, Lifeboat), Bob Bentley (Art Crimes, Secret Life of a Masterpiece). Producers: Angus MacQueen, former head of documentary Channel 4 (The Last Peasants, Gulag, Loving Lenin), Tom Roberts, founder October Films (Afghanistan's Dirty War, A Company of Soldiers). Composers: Dario Marianelli (Pride and Prejudice, Atonement), Debbie Wiseman (Catherine the Great).