The Good Trader III: Greenspan's Game: 2003-2004: 2003-2004

Fed chairman Alan Greenspan's contrarian 2003 bullmarket was crafted with meticulous care out of paradox. It may have hit singular points every now and then but that's markets for you - the 2003 bullmarket was conjured into being against the odds and out of the mists of investor unknowing by Greenspan's team of all the talents at the Fed. During 2004, Election year in the US, Greenspan faced a different kind of problem -how to keep markets on the road so that the Fed remained above the political battle, favouring neither Bush or Kerry in the run-up to the November vote by its interest rate changes? And the Fed chairman succeeded...! Now read on, and see how he achieved this remarkable result even after both Presidential candidates spent weeks trading verbal punches on the campaign trail.