The Good Companions

In 2006, Great Northern Books launched a new series of books under the title Rediscovering Priestley with the aim of bringing back into print the fiction work of one of the 20th century's greatest writers, J.B. Priestley. The first book in this series of beautifully produced collectors' editions was Bright Day , which received accolades from some of the country's leading writers and political figures including Tony Benn, Margaret Drabble, Michael Foot, Beryl Bainbridge, Alan Bennett, Barry Cryer and many others. Not only was it a creative and critical success but also achieved high levels of sales through retail outlets across the country and online. This success is now to be repeated with the publication of a second title - also superbly designed, illustrated and bound - Priestley's first major non-fiction success, The Good Companions , originally published in 1929. As with Bright Day , this new book will contain biographical details, images and information on the music hall scene of the 1920s, to enable the reader to place the novel in its historical context. The Good Companions , will be eagerly sought after by all those who bought Bright Day as well as the many thousands of lovers of Priestley's work and appreciators of classic literature across the world.