The Golden Book of Cookies: Over 300 Great Recipes

Cookies are one of life's simple pleasures. The word itself is a hold-all term that covers a huge range of sweet, bite-sized, baked goods - from crisp wafers, crumbly meringues and macaroons, and light-as-air madeleines, to buttery shortbread, chewy chocolate chip super-cookies, and rich an gooey bars and brownies. The fact that cookies can be shaped, flavoured and decorated in so many different ways has given rise to a large number of names for them, including some quite colourful ones such as cat's tongues, Russian cigarettes and gingerbread people. Fill your home with the fragrant smells of freshly baked cookies - the ultimate comfort food. This beautifully illustrated and easy to follow book is filled with over 300 delectable recipes for cookies of every type, from the simplest of drop and refrigerator cookies to the most decadent of brownies and tea cakes. Enjoy! About the authors Carla Bardi is the author of numerous books on cooking including Italian Ice Cream and The Golden Book of Chocolate, both published by Apple Press. She has travelled extensively throughout Africa and many parts of Europe, and now runs a small vineyard and summertime restaurant on the shores of Lake Bolsena in central Italy.