The Gift of Church: How God Designed the Local Church to Meet Our Needs as Christians

Paperback / softback
In a day when the local church is met with skepticism and is often misunderstood, many Christians and non-Christians alike conclude that the local church is an accessory to genuine faith, not really necessary for a genuine connection with God. But Jim Samra believes that God provides a different vision for the church, a vision that reveals God's purpose in creating the church for his people. The Gift of Church explains and defends the unappreciated genius of the church as God's creation. The truth is that the local church is where God is uniquely present in worship and where believers experience and receive unique benefits that only God can bestow. Samra first tackles the question of what really is a true local church (as well as an explanation of what is not a local church). He then explores six ways in which the church is beneficial for Christians-and the world. If people want to see God and receive spiritual nurture, there is a God-designed way for them to experience God's blessings. The church is God's gift-showing us how God is redeeming our diversity and our differences, enabling us to experience true community, and furthering the mission of sharing the message and ministry of Jesus with the world.