The Gender Intelligent Retailer: Discover the Connection Between Women Consumers and Business Growth

How companies can create a retail environment that's better for everyone by being better for women Women make up the biggest section of the retail market, yet most retail companies do a poor job of serving and satisfying that core constituency. Many retail enterprises view women as a niche market, but at 52 percent of the population, they're anything but. This book shows why reaching women is imperative to retail success, and how businesses can do it properly. Retail Ecology shows retailers how to build a companywide awareness of what women consumers want and how to deliver it through marketing, operations, store layout, product design and development, and even human resources. Retailers who serve women better serve everyone better. Joanne Thomas Yaccato (Toronto, ON, Canada) is President and founder of The Thomas Yaccato Group, a consulting company that helps companies create products, services, and business strategies for women. Sean McSweeney (Toronto, ON, Canada) is the manager of Mountain Equipment Coop's flagship store in Toronto, Canada.