The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health: 2 Volume Set

The Gale Encyclopedia of Public Health is an authoritative source on public health issues. Topics focus on health crises affecting the public at large, ranging from epidemic (local) and pandemic (widespread) diseases (H1N1, Malaria, food-borne illnesses, West Nile etc.); chronic conditions such as famine, malnutrition, cancer and diabetes; and social issues such as sexual abuse, obesity, bullying and new substance abuse issues, plus much more. Entries describe the origin and spread of the issue, public and government reaction and response, and treatments and preventive measures. Entries are focused on issues in the United States but include information on other countries, including Australia and the United Kingdom. Entries also include resources for further information, full-color illustrations and photographs, statistical tables, and Key Terms sidebars; the book will also provide contact information for organizations and government programs, a glossary, and cross references. Public Health is an excellent reference for high school and college students conducting research, as well as the general public