The Frazzled Principal's Wellness Plan: Reclaiming Time,Managing Stress,and Creating a Healthy Lifestyle

'Gives all principals the tools to be as productive as your talents will allow you to be...You should be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle, stay out of your doctor's office, and be your most effective self' - Donald Schumacher, M.D. Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, Charlotte, NC 'I recommend The Frazzled Principal's Wellness Plan to any principal, school leader, or district leader who wants to improve performance by learning to balance priorities, manage time and stress, gain vital skills, and create a healthy lifestyle' - Jim R Watson, Superintendent Lincoln County Public Schools, NC Manage your stress and priorities so you can be the productive, creative principal you were meant to be! This wellness guide for today's busy principals, school leaders, supervisors, and administrators has been custom crafted by the authors of The Frazzled Teacher's Wellness Plan to address the stresses of managing workplace environments, juggling time and competing priorities, learning to delegate, balancing personal and professional agendas, and creating win-win situations. Special features of this stress reducer and life enhancer include: - Checklists for identifying and managing personal and professional stressors - Illustrated guides to Desk Yoga and other physical activities - Strategies for immediate and long-term stress reduction - Case examples, literature review, references, cartoons, sidebars, and more. The Frazzled Principal's Wellness Plan offers you essential stress management research, tools, techniques, skills, and tips to help you understand your stress responses, predict your most vulnerable moments, and reclaim your time. Restructure your personal and professional priorities for a healthier lifestyle!