The Foster Carer's Handbook: For Carers of Children 11 Years and Under

Everyone needs to be valued, to feel special, and to feel important. Often the small things that a carer does - or doesn't do - have the greatest impact. Carers can dip into this fully updated guide whenever questions about either big or seemingly small things arise. For foster and residential carers who look after children aged approximately 11 and under, throughout the UK, it not only helps carers to answer the never-ending questions of whether their many decisions are good enough for my child , it also: helps carers to involve the child in those decisions - and indeed to make those decisions themselves - whenever possible; supports carers by letting them know at all such times what standards others will expect of them; and, provides photocopiable games, checklists, forms and pictures, which the carer can either work through with the child, or let them do it on their own and discuss the result afterwards if the child wishes.