Food Heroes: Culinary Artisans Fighting to Preserve Tradition

Georgia Pellegrini introduces readers to the lively stories of artisanal food devotees such as mushroom forager Marion Burroughs, fig collector Francis Honore, fish missionary Jon Rowley, and Ugo Buzzio, one of the last makers of traditional dry-cured sausages in the United States. Filled with coloUrful anecdotes, photographs and recipes, this book offers an accessible introduction to the artisanal food movement, as well as vicarious living for armchair travelers, food lovers, curiosity seekers and others who might wonder what it would be like to drop everything and start an olive farm, or who yearn to make and sell their own clotted cream butter. It is also about human nature and transition, nourishment and fulfillment, and underlines the importance of food as a means to sustain healthy communities and bring people together. It is a book for foodiesA as well as for general interest readers who are looking for inspiration in choosing their own right path.