The Five Essentials of Organizational Excellence: Maximizing Schoolwide Student Achievement and Performance

`Lawrence L Marazza offers a prescription for how essential skills can empower school organizations that can ultimately lead to higher student achievement and stakeholder satisfaction' - John Pieno, Chairman, Florida Sterling Council `Lawrence L Marazza's book displays both practicality and relevancy in school leadership, and examines leadership theories that triangulate his own methods of transforming today's schools' - Frank Rudnesky, Principal, Bellhaven Middle School, Linwood, New Jersey The Five Essentials of Organizational Excellence offers and explains what every administrator should know about collaborative leadership and the benefits for student achievement' - Nancy Noeske, President and CEO, PROACT Search, Inc. The Five Essentials presents the systems and the skills that are required to maximize student achievement within a learning organization context. Built upon a strong philosophical base of stakeholder collaboration in public schools, the book describe the connection between school organizational development and student achievement. The Five Essentials presents the case for connected systems; governing by standards, benchmarking for excellence, leading collaboratively, engaging the public, and planning strategically.