The Finest Creation

Paperback / softback
They were the Finest Creations - mystically forged creatures of perfection sent by the creators to aid the Fallen (mankind) during their mortal existence. Though they resemble ordinary horses, they are highly intelligent, capable of communicating telepathically, and completely moral. They are assigned to bond with individuals of great potential and protect them from harm while guiding them along a path of virtue. This is how it has been for years unto creation. But then a young Finest is separated from its mentor before it has been invested with its assignment, the result of an ambush by evil forces bent on corrupting men. The young equine accepts the charge of caring for two orphans-not realizing that man's potential may rest in their future, and that the path forward is already being diverted by an evil avian mastermind whose manipulation of court politics and affairs of state might instigate a new dark age upon the light of civilization.