The Failure of Modern Civilization and the Struggle for a Deep Alternative: On Critical Theory of Patriarchy as a New Paradigm

Western civilization is the Utopia of a better and higher life on Earth. The globalization of neo-liberalism proves that this project has failed. The paradigm of Critical Theory of Patriarchy explains this failure and discusses alternatives. By confronting the central civilizations in history, the egalitarian, life-oriented matriarchal one, and the hierarchical, nature and life dominating, hostile patriarchal one, we see that 5000 years of patriarchy have replaced matriarchies and nature itself by a progressive counter-world of capital . This transformation characterizes capitalist patriarchy including socialism . Its demise is due to the alchemical destruction of the world's resources, thought of, theologically legitimized and fetishized as creation . This violence is not recognized. Elites have, instead, begun with a new military alchemy , treating the whole Planet as weapon of mass destruction. Hence, the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth .