The Failure of Modern Civilization and the Struggle for a Deep Alternative: On Critical Theory of Patriarchy as a New Paradigm

Series: Beitrage Zur Dissidenz (26)
Western civilization is the Utopia of a better and higher life on Earth. The globalization of neo-liberalism proves that this project has failed. The paradigm of Critical Theory of Patriarchy explains this failure and discusses alternatives. By confronting the central civilizations in history, the egalitarian, life-oriented matriarchal one, and the hierarchical, nature and life dominating, hostile patriarchal one, we see that 5000 years of patriarchy have replaced matriarchies and nature itself by a progressive counter-world of capital. This transformation characterizes capitalist patriarchy including socialism. Its demise is due to the alchemical destruction of the world's resources, thought of, theologically legitimized and fetishized as creation. This violence is not recognized. Elites have, instead, begun with a new military alchemy, treating the whole Planet as weapon of mass destruction. Hence, the Planetary Movement for Mother Earth.