The F2 Cookbook

The F2 Cookbook's 100 delicious eat-yourself-slim-and-fit recipes follow the revolutionary formula of Audrey Eyton's new bestselling F2 Diet . Every recipe in this book is scientifically based on the foods that do most to strengthen your immune system and control your weight. Each offers a treat not only for your tastebuds but for your good bacteria which - when powered by the food they need - can revitalize your health. Weave these meals into your menus to add flavour and variety. Every time you do so you will be doing yourself, and those you cook for, a power of good. Learn which simple everyday ingredients pack remarkable hidden health benefits and help whittle away surplus weight. Discover just how good do-you-good dishes can taste. These deceptively easy, no-fuss F2 recipes serve up cutting-edge science on a plate. You'll enjoy making and eating them - then be amazed at how much better they can make you feel and look!